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Workplace Injuries

Every day we go to work, putting trust in our worksite to uphold general safety standards that will keep us safe. Unfortunately, every day negligence and defective machinery lead to workplace injuries that leave victims seriously injured or worse.

OSHA violations, chemical exposure, equipment malfunctions, inadequate or missing safety devices, improper training, or even simple carelessness—any number of things can factor into a workplace injury. The injuries that result from a workplace accident can range from minor sprains and broken bones to catastrophic brain and back injuries, chemical burns, amputations, and even wrongful death. Even minor injuries can leave workers out of work while they recover, dealing with the stress of lost wages and trying to make ends meet while medical bills pile up.

Our Long Beach Accident Lawyer Has Extensive Knowledge

Workers’ Compensation laws exist to ensure financial protection for injured and disabled workers and their families. These laws are complex, however, and an experienced lawyer can help you receive the best compensation possible for your situation. Our Long Beach workplace injuries lawyers have years of experience representing victims and families of injuries due to negligence in the workplace. We will assess your case and discuss your best options with you, pursuing medical care and disability compensation so that you can stop worrying about finances and start focusing on recovery.

If you or a loved one were injured in a workplace accident, contact one of our Long Beach workplace injury attorneys for a free consultation today.