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Long Beach Dog Bites/Animal Attacks Attorney

When most people think of dog bites, certain breeds of dog come to mind—Rottweilers, German Shepherds, and various Pit Bull-type fighting dogs. In fact, while California has not enacted any breed-specific legislation banning or restricting Pit Bull-type dogs, many states or counties have.

In reality, however, it doesn’t matter what the size or breed is—an attack from any violent and aggressive dog can result in terrible injuries, especially when the attack is on a child or another pet. The majority of dog attack victims are children, however, with dog bites being among the leading causes of child emergency room visits. A vicious dog attack on a child can leave not only physical damages, but also deep emotional scars.

It is an owner’s responsibility to manage his or her dog’s behavior and properly train the dog to be obedient in the presence of others. It is as important as sending your child to school, but all too often, pet owners let this duty fall by the wayside. When an ill-behaved dog lashes out, injuring you or a loved one, it is your right to hold that owner responsible for negligence leading to the attack.

Our Long Beach accident law firm can help. Our lawyers are experienced in California dog bite laws, and are ready to fight to get you the best compensation possible for your injuries and suffering. We also understand that pursuing an dog attack lawsuit can be difficult for everyone—many dog bite accidents happen within the victim’s own home or the home of a friend. Our lawyers know that compensation is often covered by homeowner’s insurance, and will work with you to pursue the right avenues for maximum satisfaction.

Approximately 4.5 billion people are injured by dog bites each year, and almost one-in-five requires medical attention. If this has happened to you, consult with one of our top Long Beach dog bite attorneys today.