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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

The experience of motorcycling is different for everyone—for some it’s a hobby, for some it’s a lifestyle, and for others it’s a simply a fun and fuel-efficient alternative mode of transportation. No matter how big a role motorcycles play in it, however, being involved in a motorcycle accident can turn your whole life upside-down.

Due to the high speeds and the minimal protection biking gear provides compared to the shell of a car or truck, motorcycle accidents are among the worst types of collisions that can happen on the road. Although motorcyclists only make up 2% of drivers in the US, they account for 8% of all road fatalities.

Sadly, despite the far graver damages motorcyclists tend to suffer in accidents, motorcyclists are not to blame for the vast majority of motorcycle accident cases. In many cases, cars and trucks cause motorcycle accidents through negligence—tailgating, failing to check blind spots before shifting lanes, or speeding through intersections without noticing an approaching motorcycle until it is too late. In many other cases, dangerous road conditions that can go unnoticed by more stable cars can prove fatal to motorcycles.

If you or a loved one were involved in a motorcycle accident, it is crucial to seek the counsel of a lawyer experienced in motorcycle litigation. Our team of Long Beach motorcycle accident lawyers will go to work for you, protecting your best interests and examining all possible causes of your accident, then aggressively fighting to win you the compensation you deserve.

Suffering a motorcycle and its aftermath can be an ordeal, but with a good lawyer by your side, navigating a tricky legal system doesn’t have to be. Get started by consulting with one of our Long Beach motorcycle accident attorneys today.