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Long Beach Dangerous Roadway Accident Lawyer

We blame many causes for the thousands of accidents that happen in California every year, but one factor that many people never think to consider is a defective or dangerous roadway. Faulty road design and lack of maintenance can create highly unsafe driving conditions, contributing to roughly half of all traffic accidents.

California has one of the highest rates of dangerous road-related auto accidents in the country. Untreated cracks and potholes, poorly designed highway shoulders, missing road signs, and defective guardrails are all examples of dangerous roadway conditions that can lead to serious auto accidents—accidents that can result in vehicle damages, catastrophic injuries, or the loss of a loved one.

Our Long Beach Accident Attorney Has the Knowledge to Create a Strong Case

Unlike reckless driving cases, however, dangerous roadway cases are more difficult to prove: the burden is on you to prove that it was road conditions, not driver error, that caused the crash. With cases like this, you need the help of an expert by your side. An experienced Long Beach dangerous roadway lawyer will be familiar with road histories, and have the skills and resources to investigate your situation thoroughly and build a solid case for the best outcome possible.

Every day we put faith in our state officials to keep our roads and highways a reasonably safe place to drive. When these officials fail us, it is our right to hold the guilty parties responsible. A successful dangerous road accident case taken to trial will result in not only compensation for its victims, but also improvements in the roads themselves that will benefit drivers in the future. To help ensure that your case is a successful one, start by consulting with an experienced Long Beach dangerous roadway accident attorney today.