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Long Beach SUV Rollover Attorney

The Sports Utility Vehicle, or SUV, is the perfect vehicle for California. It’s stylish enough for the streets of Beverly Hills, while still rugged enough for trips to our mountains and deserts alike. It’s no wonder that SUVs continue to outpace their smaller counterparts year after year. Of course, no vehicle is perfect—their design makes SUVs particularly prone to rollover, a dangerous flaw that can have dire consequences.

It would make sense that an SUV can safely withstand far more dangerous activities than a normal car—it’s a sports utility vehicle after all. Most SUVs on the road today, however, are SUVs in fashion only. Many luxury and street SUVs look like their utilitarian counterparts, but feature none of the durability or safety features that give the vehicles their name.

Our Long Beach Accident Lawyer Is Experienced with SUV Rollover Cases

Most SUVs are designed with a narrow wheelbase, giving the vehicle a higher center of gravity. This design flaw can turn any sharp turn, spin out, or sideswipe into an opportunity for a much more serious rollover accident. Dangers can compound even after the SUV overturns: if the roof is not able to support the vehicle’s weight after rolling, it may collapse, trapping victims inside and causing critical injuries and even death.

Many people perceive SUVs to be safer than other vehicles, but their high probability of rollover and roof crush make SUVs a safety gamble. If you or a loved one were injured in an SUV rollover accident, protect your rights by consulting with our Long Beach SUV rollover attorneys today.